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American Whiskey vs. Irish Whiskey: Which Tastes Better?

Screengrab via YouTube

While the United States has yet to claim the unofficial title of the best whiskey in the world, we do try. Watch as two  Irishmen and one Irishwoman do a blind taste test of American whiskey and Irish whiskey.

In three rounds, the testers, who are just regular people with no real whiskey training, blindly sip two whiskeys. When they think they know which they like better, they raise a card. It's only then that they find out which nationality they've chosen.

The first round pits Teeling, an Irish brand, against Jack Daniels. The second sees Bushmills take on Bulleit Rye, and in the third and final round, it's a battle of the James'. Jameson and Jim Beam go head to head.

The results of these blind taste selections will probably surprise you  in a good way. It's not every day that American gets to hold a candle to Irish whiskey, but maybe that day is coming sooner rather than later.

Drink responsibly, our lovely American whiskey lovers. In the words of one Irishman, "Irish whiskey is a kiss on the cheek. American whiskey is a kick in the cheek."

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American Whiskey vs. Irish Whiskey: Which Tastes Better?