'American Ninja Warrior' Set to Film in San Antonio

Universal NBC

There are many paths to becoming the ultimate Ninja Warrior, and this year the path will lead through San Antonio. Universal NBC has announced that San Antonio will be the second competition stop for the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior.

The show puts competitors through an exhausting obstacle course competition.

According to American Ninja Warrior veteran Brent Steffensen, San Antonio is a "major hub for a lot of talent" on the show. Steffensen owns Alpha Warrior Gym in San Antonio and is one of the show's most successful competitors. A number of Texans have competed on the show.

Filming for the San Antonio episodes will take from March 26-27 in front of the Bexar County Courthouse at Main Plaza. The downtown location is optimal for visiting athletes to get to and from the course.

Other cities withAmerican Ninja Warrior stops include Kansas City, Daytona, and Cleveland. The finals will be held in Las Vegas June 14-28.

American Ninja Warrior is an exhausting four stage obstacle course based off the Japanese competition series Ninja Warrior.

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'American Ninja Warrior' Set to Film in San Antonio