Watch Chris Lane's Hilariously Awkward 'American Idol' Audition


Chris Lane found recent success on country radio with songs like "Fix" and "For Her." Recently, his decade old American Idol audition emerged on the internet. And hoo boy, it's a doozy.

Lane auditioned for the singing reality show all the way back in 2007 alongside his twin brother Cory and their girlfriend Ashley. Yes, you read that right.

So here's the setup: the show pitched all three of them as its first "love triangle." The brothers introduced themselves as basically the same person with the same friends and same car. They then introduced Ashley as Chris' ex, and Cory's current girlfriend. It's the type of scenario that probably isn't entirely true but makes for good (or bad) reality TV.

Decked out in matching yellow polos, the clean shaven Lane brothers enter the room full of plenty of pep. "We heard that the Brittenum twins made it through, and we've got a little something for them," Chris tells the judges before he starts beat boxing.

So, yeah. It's terrible. Of course, the American Idol producers knew it going forward, because it's the kind of show that loves to set people up for, well, moments like these.

But who knew the Lane brothers themselves could be so devious to play a prank on their own girlfriend? At least Ashley had lots of personality in her audition and hopefully enjoyed the whole experience for what it was.

Ultimately, the 32-year-old Chris Lane got the last laugh. He signed a record deal with Big Loud Mountain and released his relatively successful album Girl Problems in 2016. Lane also just released a pop crossover collaboration with singer Tori Kelly. That's a lot better than those Brittenum twins from Tennessee, who were kicked off the show when they got arrested for identity theft.

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Watch Chris Lane's Hilariously Awkward 'American Idol' Audition