American Aquarium Offers Message of Resilience on Politically Charged 'The World Is On Fire'

American Aquarium will have you ready to break through walls with their new single "The World Is On Fire." (Just watch the video and listen to the bridge and you'll get the reference).

The North Carolina roots rockers released the new song on April 27. And the new video is a beautiful if not simple artistic accompaniment. The video offers a bit of a vintage feel, opting to use a 4x3 format and a film look that long predates high definition.

In the new video, a man happens upon a woman lying face down in the woods. He rescues her and returns her to his doomsday bunker, where clips of magazines indicate all is not right in the world.

As the pair stay hunkered down, we briefly catch continued glimpses of outside destruction. The minutes, hours, days and months pass. But soon their resilience grows, and they find love and strength in each other. Eventually they choose to emerge and face the scary world head on.

Watch the Matt DeLisi-directed clip below.

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It's not hard to find the political undertones in the song, and American Aquarium frontman BJ Barham routinely wades into those murky waters, both in American Aquarium and solo lyrics.

But by making it a very personal song, his concern and observations come across quite sincere. From saying this America is not what his grandfather fought for all the way to mentioning his soon-to-be-born baby girl.

"But she'll have my fight," Barham sings. "She'll have her mama's fire. If anyone builds a wall in her journey, baby, bust right through it."

"The World Is On Fire" is American Aquarium's latest single off their upcoming record Things Change. That album carries a June 1 release date. The album is also the first look at an all new lineup for American Aquarium, which Barham shook up in 2017.

The band tours in support of the album beginning in late May.

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