Hunter and Tracker Amber Cross Debuts Raw Song, ‘Savage On The Downhill’

Amber Cross is a singer-songwriter who writes from her own life's struggles and experiences, delivering her stories with unforgettable power and emotion.

Today, we're giving Wide Open Country readers an exclusive listen to the title track from her new album, Savage on the Downhill, due out July 21.

You should, of course, expect the whole album to have strong, emotional narratives; this song, in particular, has a California vibe and an instinctual clarity.

"Savage on the Downhill" has an earthy feel, which makes sense, seeing that Cross spends a lot of time in backwoods, where she works as a tracker and hunter. Originally from Maine, Cross has moved up and down the coast of California and now lives in San Luis Obispo County.

There's a roughness about "Savage on the Downhill," that can only come from survival, which Cross says comes from two perspectives in the song.

"First, an elusive wild boar that I used to encounter while hunting," Cross tells Wide Open Country. "He was large and black and in my mind legendary. We had made eye contact at very close proximity's several times. I knew where he lived but was not confident enough to go into his territory in pursuit."

"Secondly, the song is also about both being trapped in a controlling relationship and being haunted by a dark piece of your past," she continues. "The beast is the dark memory you carry that in the song you choose to take on."

Cross performs solo and in band arrangements. She is often accompanied by long time friend and Cajun/old-time fiddler Gary Arcemont and husband James Moore. To find out when you can catch her live, visit her website for a full list of upcoming tour dates.

Look for Savage on the Downhill wherever you buy music online on July 21.

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