Meet Dorotea, Amazon's New Ceramic Dinnerware Collection Made for Spring

When was the last time you updated your dishware? It's not always a high priority unless you're regularly shattering plates and bowls, in which case you should try this breathing technique instead. In most cases, dishware is typically neutral because it's used all season long. However, Amazon is betting that your spring and Easter dishware could use some updating. May we introduce Dorotea Ceramics.

Part of Amazon's new dinnerware and accessories, Dorotea Ceramics is a collection of organic, handmade-inspired dishware that features light pastels and florals. Designed with the style of Seattle-based artist Carolina Silva, a Madrid-born designer, in mind, these pretty pastels and fun floral patterns bring a soft, natural touch to any table. Use them on your backyard patio, for a formal spring or summer dinner, or for making any night at home feel special.

As for the collection's creation, Amazon points to the natural world for its inspiration: "The patterns, colors, and irregularities of each piece are drawn from the observation of natural growth and curiosity with the botanical world, where flowers search for light and harmony with joy."

There are seven styles in the collection, let's take a look at each.

1. Dinner Plates, Set of Four

This set of hand-painted dinner plates are made of high-quality stoneware. It's important to note that due to the emphasis on natural creation, not all items will match perfectly. Each comes with its own personality, which makes it unique to your home.

The dinner plates are featured in white/gray. The ceramics collection is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. One set of four dinner plates is $60.00 on Amazon, with free 2-day shipping for Prime members.

2. Soup Bowls, Set of Four

This set of four large bowls would be perfect for Buddha bowls, a delicious salad, or a tasty gazpacho. The fun floral pattern is more evident in these bowls than the plates, and the glaze used here is lead-free.

Any house decor would pair with the Dorotea collection, and you could use these soup bowls as a cereal bowl, a small fruit bowl, or even for a scoop or two of Blue Bell ice cream. One set of four large bowls is $60.00, with free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members.

3. Mugs, Set of Four

These hand painted coffee/tea mugs come in a set of four and are simply gorgeous. The waved lip on the edge brings a hint of playfulness to the design, and the rounded base makes for a sturdier mug on the table.

These mugs would make a great gift to divvy between friends so each of you has one in the set. Find the full set for $48.00.

4. Salad Plates, Set of Four

This set of 8-inch plates from the Dorotea collection are made to either fit under the soup bowl, serve up a delicious salad, or be used in any other way you see fit. The handmade-inspired design of the collection is most evident here with the unique colors and patterns of each individual plate.

I personally own four salad plates and use them more often than my regular plates, especially for mid-day snacks like olives and cheese. Find the set of four Dorotea hand painted salad plates on Amazon for $55.00.

5. Small Fruit Bowls, Set of Four

Small bowls are invaluable when you're cooking a new recipe. While these are the perfect size for a portion of grapes, raspberries, or orange slices, these small bowls also do double-duty in the kitchen as mise en place bowls. To learn more about mise en place, check out our overview here.

Find the set of four 5.25-inch painted small fruit bowls here for $50.00.

6. Serving Bowl

When it comes to ceramic dinnerware, the real star of the show is the serving bowl and serving platter. Food editors everywhere know that when it comes to vegetables, you need to plate it well because your guests will eat with your eyes first.

This 10.5-inch vegetable serving bowl is perfect for large salads, especially those you eat with a knife and fork, and even your favorite greens. Even if you didn't make it to the farmer's market, grocery store greens look rustic and chic in this hand painted bowl. Find the Dorotea serving bowl online for $45.00.

7. Oval Serving Platter

This 16.5 inch oval serving platter is crafted from the same high-quality stoneware and is perfect for serving up a roast chicken or an Easter ham. You can also take a cue from and use it as a cheese board.

Find the Dorotea serving platter here.

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