Amanda Shires’ Touring Van Burglarized in Chicago

During a performance at Chicago’s City Winery, some punks broke into Amanda Shires’ touring van. The unknown robber or robbers took off with some important things, too.

Among them: Shires’ thesis work, new songs and journal. She emphasized the loss of those items most on Twitter.

The thieves also got away with some replaceable but still very valuable equipment. Those include her ukulele, Macbook and personal effects.

Shires and her husband Jason Isbell encourage Chicagoans to keep their eyes peeled. These items often show up at pawn shops or on craigslist. Thankfully, the van itself is fine other than a busted window.

Folks who rob working musicians are a special breed of scum. Not only do they prey on easy targets who are in the middle of work, but they also often steal the things musicians need to make a living.

And usually, they do it knowingly. For instance, Houston police arrested more than 130 people in connection with an organized gear-stealing ring. Area police departments began conducting an undercover operation in April 2015 that led to the arrests this summer.

But their targets ended up being their downfall. The thefts started received more high-profile coverage thanks to artists publicizing them.

However, Shires and the band won’t let some thoughtless jerks ruin their upcoming Americana Fest in Nashville, though. She’s playing at The Station Inn on Thursday, Sept. 22.

It’s a bitter moment on tour, but Shires is in otherwise good spirits. She just released her album My Piece Of Land last week.

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Amanda Shires’ Touring Van Burglarized in Chicago