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Listen to Amanda Shires' New Single 'Leave it Alone'

There sure are a lot of naysayers out there when it comes to blurring the lines of country music. Amanda Shires is here to put those wags to rest. After all, we know she's ready to take on that Nashville sound. With a disco beat and spacey, reverbed vocals, Shires sings about the anticipation and mystery of joining one's lover. The lyrics are bursting with wonder, calling to mind Sufi poetry that wed the erotic to the spiritual:

Oh, let night start unfolding.
Get to the part where the space between us closes
where we lean into the gold-blue sky of morning
with the words we can't find like bees inside us swarming.
I can't leave it alone.

To The Sunset was produced by Dave Cobb and comes out on August 3. Listen to "Leave It Alone" below.

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Amanda Shires will perform at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's Outlaws and Armadillos concert on May 25. For more tour dates, visit here.

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