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Watch This Fearless Texas Rancher Lasso a 10-Foot Alligator

What's a rancher to do when a gator gets too close to your cattle? This Hawkins-based rancher handled the intruder in true Texas style by lassoing the 10-foot alligator.

After the alligator broke into a pen where he was weaning calves, the landowner, Hal Conover, called Byron South of Convergent Hunting Solutions. Game Wardens were also called and came out to assist with the capture and relocation.

Hanover was able to lasso the animal before others jumped in to help wrangle the gator. Bystanders caught the whole ordeal on video, and there were definitely some tense moments.

According to the Associated Press, the alligator did manage to bite one of the men. Thankfully, he only suffered only minor injuries. The group of men quickly loaded the gator into a trailer and hauled it off to a wildlife park. Thanks to the rancher and wardens, the animal was unharmed.

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This isn't the first time an alligator was roped in Texas, and it's certainly not the first time a lasso has been put to good use (remember this thief?).

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