This Texas Ranch Works Miracles for Abused Horses

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A 23-acre ranch in eastern Texas has become a sanctuary for horses who’ve long suffered unimaginable kinds of neglect and abuse.

Located at the Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, the Doris Day Horse Rescue is dedicated to giving these horses a better life.

“When you look at these beautiful horses, you say, ‘they deserve a second chance,’” Holly Hazard of the Humane Society of the United States says in the video below. “They are not in their circumstances because of anything they did. They are in their circumstances because of either ignorance or cruelty or neglect.”

In the clip, you’ll be introduced to Doris, a horse that arrived at Doris Day Horse Rescue with only days to live. After a lot of care and attention, Doris made a full recovery will soon undergo training before the ranch makes her available for adoption.

“We take horses from cases of abuse and neglect so they are often mishandled, severely underweight,” said Aubrey Gaines, Doris’s trainer. “We feed them, make sure they are physically healthy. Once they are physically normal and healthy, we start training.”

Once on the brink of death, Doris is seen happily galloping around the ranch alongside other rescued horses.

To find out how you can help this organization continue their mission to rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abused horses, head on over to the Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch website.

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This Texas Ranch Works Miracles for Abused Horses