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Say What? George Strait's 'All My Ex's' Voted One of the Worst Songs in Texas History

Yeah, so we're going to have to disagree here. Apparently, a group of alleged "Texans" somewhere in Houston voted George Strait's classic tune "All My Ex's" among the worst in Texas history.

While it didn't take the cake for worst overall, an amazing 12% of respondents said they hate the song. The survey came from "Super Bash Houston," a three day party near downtown Houston during Super Bowl weekend.

The survey asked random Texans to "vote for their state's worst homegrown song either about Texas or performed by a Texas native." Of course, we use the term "Texan" loosely, because come on, y'all. You don't diss King George.

The top vote-getter is Waco, Texas' Ashlee Simpson. Her 2004 song "La La" irked them the most. Maybe because for a few months twelve years ago, Simpson seemed almost unavoidable.

Other songs on the list include RiFF RaFF's "Dolce and Gabanna." The Houston rapper got no hometown love — and neither did Vanilla Ice, who hails from Dallas.

But y'all, George freakin' Strait? Honestly, the only reasonable explanation is the song reminded respondents how many people broke up with them. But don't blame your crappy love life on George. If you listen closely, you find an equally heartbroken friend in "All My Ex's."

Country artist LeAnn Rimes also landed on the list with her song "Can't Fight The Moonlight." So Super Bash says they used a team of music "enthusiasts" who pored over the "best and worst" from the state, then offered the final six songs to fans.

Seriously, whatever.

Houston Super Bash co-founder Joe Paonessa says the whole thing supposedly makes the party better. "Most festivals try to guess what your favorite songs are," Paonessa says. "We went the extra mile to find out what songs and artists you really hate and guarantee you won't hear them at the Super Bash."

And one place we guarantee you won't see us is the Super Bash. Because any festival that tries to get headlines by making fun of Texas music doesn't have its priorities straight.

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