Alicia Keys, Maren Morris Tape 'CMT Crossroads' Episode in Nashville


Maren Morris and Alicia Keys taped their upcoming CMT Crossroads episode in front of a lucky few hundred people at The Factory in Franklin, Tenn. Wednesday night (Aug. 31). The pair revealed they spent the previous two days in Nashville learning parts and putting together arrangements.

Fans of the two (or just amazing singing) are in for a treat when the show airs Dec. 2. It was a night of huge vocals and good vibes. Not to mention and a killer Bonnie Raitt cover (written by John Prine).

Earlier that morning, Morris found out she received five CMA Award nominations. Keys made sure the audience acknowledged it, and Morris joked that between the news this morning and performing with Keys that night, the day was one for her diary.

Morris returned the favor and made sure everybody knew about Keys' new gig as a coach on NBC's The Voice. Who knows, Morris may even appear as a guest coach on a future episode of the singing competition.

Keys said she realized why so many people are moving to Music City after spending some time there. Though, she added, the heat is nothing to mess with.

Keys also performed with Cam at the 10th Annual ACM Honors on Tuesday night, which airs Sept. 9. at 8 p.m. CST on CBS.

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Alicia Keys, Maren Morris Tape 'CMT Crossroads' Episode in Nashville