Alice Wallace
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Video Premiere: Alice Wallace's Courageous 'The Blue'

Following a dream isn't for the faint of heart. Giving all of yourself to conquering something that sometimes feels as vast as the ocean and as uncertain as the weather takes real courage. But that's exactly what California-based singer-songwriter Alice Wallace did. About six years ago, Wallace quit her job and made the leap into making music full-time. The risk paid off and resulted in her brilliant fourth album Into the Bluereleased earlier this year by Rebelle Road / JTM Music.

Wallace says "The Blue," a standout track from the '70s-inspired record, is an ode to following your heart — even if it terrifies you.

"This is a song about chasing your dreams - about sailing off into the blue after whatever it is that makes you the most scared, the most alive and ultimately, the most fulfilled," Wallace tells Wide Open Country.

The video, directed by Adrienne Isom, features clips of Wallace interspersed with shots of the ocean, representing the coastal country music she grew up on and the intensity of overcoming fears to live passionately.

Watch the video premiere of "The Blue" below.

For more information on Alice Wallace, visit her official website.

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