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Song Premiere: Alex Stern Finds Beauty in Closure on 'The Choice'

There's something to be said about putting your heart out there — even if it gets horribly broken. Singer-songwriter Alex Stern explores the risk and reward of love on the tender "The Choice."

"Writing this song gave me courage to confront the truth about the experience that inspired it and to find beauty and clarity in the brokenness of it," Stern tells Wide Open Country. "I remember feeling completely free after recording it because for me, the song represented closure. It's the most raw I've ever let myself be as an artist and exposing my heart in such a vulnerable way through this song, I feel liberated. I'm excited and ready to share this part of myself with listeners."

Stern says the song is about making difficult decisions in a relationship — even if that decision means walking away.

"This song is about the choice that exists in every relationship, but sometimes you find out that the person you choose doesn't choose you back," she continues. "When that happens, it leaves you with a choice. Do you stay as an option or make the choice to let go with acceptance, and choose yourself?'

Listen to "The Choice" below.

Stern, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was selected to be a part of the CMT Artists Discovery Program in 2018.

For more information on Alex Stern, visit her official website or follow her on Facebook.

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