Man Finds Venomous Snake in Bag of Aldi Lettuce

If there's a reason to skip salad for dinner, this is it! Posted on Facebook by Lesley Kuhn, her adult son found a baby pale-headed snake in the bag of cos lettuce bought at Aldi's, a low-cost grocery store. But before you freak out, this Aldi supermarket was located in Sydney, Australia, you know, the country that is known for a huge population of deadly snakes and spiders.

Man Finds Snack in Bag of Lettuce From Aldi's

When the man first saw the animal in the bag, he originally thought it was a very large worm.

"I kind of completely freaked out when I saw this little tongue come out of its mouth and start flicking around and realized it was a snake because worms don't have tongues," Alexander White said on Thursday to the Associated Press.

How Dangerous Was the Snake?

Scientifically known as an Hoplocephalus bitorquatus, the live snake found its way into the bag while at a packing plant in the Australian city of Toowoomba. After taking an 870-kilometer journey to the Aldi store in Sydney in a refrigerated van, the snake was most likely lulled into a stupor from the temperature. White rode his bike back home from the grocery store where the snake warmed up.

His partner Amelie Neate noticed the snake as they unpacked the lettuce. They quickly realized the bag had a hole in it and stuffed the lettuce bag into a plastic container.

The couple called WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) and a snake handler took the snake. While there are no known fatalities of a bite from this type of snake, the venom has been known to cause severe headache, blurred vision, localized pain, and abnormal bleeding according to the Australian Museum. The rescue organization had told White over the phone to head to the hospital quickly if he had gotten bit.

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