The Aldi Return Policy is Made for Shoppers

Aldi is beloved for more reasons that we can count, from its cheap prices to its high quality fresh produce. One of the best parts of shopping at this wonderful grocery store is its incredible return policy. Aldi's generous return policy shows how intent they are on customer satisfaction and how confident they are in their products!

Aldi is one of the most popular and successful grocery stores in the U.S. The many Aldi fans are attracted to this German-owned store for a variety of reasons, from its shopping cart rental policy to its efficient, no-frills approach. Not to mention, ALDI is making it easy to shop safely during the coronavirus pandemic with their contactless shopping options. As for Aldi's famous return policy, its name is just a hint of what it offers- Twice as Nice Guarantee.

What is Aldi's Return Policy?

Aldi is fully confident that the Aldi brand can meet or exceed national brands, which is demonstrated in their exchange policy. This offers a full refund for any unused product being returned. If any Aldi shopper is unsatisfied with a food product, they can return it and receive their money back. The one thing to keep in mind is that you must have your original receipt to get money back in the original form of payment.

For those who throw away receipts, don't worry. Although you won't be able to receive cash back or be refunded in the original method of payment, you'll still receive an ALDI Merchandise Credit gift card that equals the current retail price of the returned item! Simply go to your local ALDI store manager with the unused ALDI product, along with the product packaging.

Twice as Nice Guarantee

The reason that the refund policy is called "Twice as Nice" is because the unsatisfied ALDI customer will also receive a replacement for the product. Therefore, with this double guarantee, you end up with a new product for free!

There are few circumstances that ALDI'S return policy doesn't apply to. If the return isn't based on a quality related issue or the product is a non-food ALDI Find item, alcohol, or a national brand, the Twice as Nice policy doesn't apply. However, in these circumstances, the unsatisfied customer can return items and still get either a replacement or a full refund for them. In the case of alcohol, state law might prohibit the replacement or refund of the item.

Some ALDI-exclusive brands and national brand products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. To make a warranty claim, check the warranty card or instructions that came with the product. As for electronics, products must be returned within 90 days of the purchase date with a receipt, and the electronic should be in its original packaging with all original contents. For any more doubts or questions, check out the FAQs page on Aldi's website to use their incredible return policy!

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