Alan Jackson Makes a Young Cancer Patient's Dreams Come True

Alan Jackson made one of his biggest fan's dreams a reality.

Joshua John is a 4-year-old boy from Rutledge, Tennessee diagnosed with Stage 4 hepatoblastoma lung and liver cancer. The little boy, who is struggling with an incredibly serious and difficult disease, is a huge fan of Alan Jackson and dreamed of meeting the singer in person.

This past weekend, Jackson made that dream a reality. After he heard about Joshua John's story, Jackson jumped into action. On May 8, a limo was sent to take Joshua and his parents to Nashville and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

When they arrived, they were greeted by Jackson himself. The singer even brought John an acoustic guitar as a gift, which Jackson signed with a special message. Jackson also posed with John for a picture that he later shared on his social media pages.

After the surprise, Joshua's mother posted a thank-you to Jackson on their Facebook page.

"I just want to say Thank You to God first of all that he saw fit for Joshua John to meet Mr Alan Jackson!! And then I want to thank every person who helped to make a DREAM come true for Joshua John. It took everyone!! And then I want to say I'm sorry I could not let it get out....Most of my kids only found out late last night. Our day has been videoed and I will share with local news stations! Thank you Alan Jackson and your very sweet beautiful wife and all of your team! Love to off to enjoy JDUB's special trip!!"

If you would like to help Joshua John and his family, visit his Facebook page to learn more.

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Alan Jackson Makes a Young Cancer Patient's Dreams Come True