This Alabama Mom Hilariously Photobombed Her Kid's Back to School Photos


Keshia Leeann Gardner is definitely the kind of woman you want to be friends with. Don't believe me? Check out the whimsical and hilarious photos she took to celebrate back to school.

It's no wonder that Gardner's side-splitting version of back to school pictures have been shared over 270,000 times. Also, judging by the comments, the picture has been seen as far away as Sweden and Brazil, and was even covered in The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom.

Gardner lives in Alabama, and shared the pictures on Facebook on August 4. Her five children were returning to school for the year, and these were their "back to school" pictures. In the background, you can see the kids, all dressed in their nice new clothes and backpacks. They appear to range in age from high school to elementary aged, and they stand in various reaction poses facing their mom's exuberance. The older kids are either doubled over laughing or straight up hiding their faces as their mom literally jumps for joy in the foreground. Gardner's exaggerated facial expressions and the kids gleeful or embarrassed responses only serve to amplify the hilarity of the pictures.

The celebration of the return of the school year is something many of us can identify with. After three long months of listening to complaints like, "I'm bored!","She hit me!", "He pinched me!" or "AAAAWWW, I don't WANNA leave the pool!", lots of parents will be jumping for joy this month. The return of regular schedules and more activity can make life easier on some of us. It also gives you a greater regard for teachers and what they go through. So remember this feeling on Teacher Appreciation Day!

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This Alabama Mom Hilariously Photobombed Her Kid's Back to School Photos