Al Roker Announces Devastating Loss To Family
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Al Roker Announces Devastating Loss To Family

Al Roker is going through a tough time. He revealed that he and his family have experienced a devastating loss. Roker shared that the family lost their beloved family dog — Pepper.

"She brought so much to our lives," Roker said while on Today. "She had really not been feeling well, but we were given this gift. A couple of weeks ago, she had had surgery and they said this is about as good as it's going to be." Roker shared pictures of his beloved dog.

He also shared a final moment that he had with her. The two ended up playing frisbee together, and according to Roker, he watched the years shed away from her.

"I started flinging the Frisbee to her and it was like she was back to being a puppy. And she was just like happy and running. She was going full tilt," he said while a video of her with a frisbee played. "So we got that gift and she was a gift for 12 years. And we've had so many lovely comments from people who have gone through this."

Al Roker Says Goodbye To Beloved Pet

In a separate Instagram post, Roker announced that the dog had died. He shared that he got her 12 years ago and that she had a profound impact on his families' lives. "12 years ago, this sweet little girl named Pepper changed our lives. Yesterday, we had to say goodbye," Roker said. "While our hearts are heavy, they are also fuller because of all the love she bestowed on everyone who got to meet her."

He didn't reveal how the dog passed. Likewise, his wife ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts. She shared a picture of Pepper alongside the rest of the family. "She arrived on my birthday. Wasn't even supposed to be ours. The rescue coordinator had promised the perfect pup for us. A beautiful mop looking mutt who would be gentle with kids," she recalled.

She said that her son  "wasn't fond of dogs," she remembered. "But this 8 week old little black and white ball of fur brought along for the ride jumped into Nick's lap and stole the show." "For 12 years , Pepper continued to do just that. A quiet sweetheart," she continued.