Lyndsay Burginger

Braid & Wood's Air Plant Holder is Sleek and Modern

I bought my first houseplant two years ago to add a little bit of life to my bedroom. Now, I've got over 40+ plants scattered throughout the house. I have tropicals, succulents, but up until now I've never owned an air plant. I can't keep plants sitting out (my cat will carry it around), so I knew I needed an air plant display or air plant container to keep it safe. So I started to search and came across Braid & Wood's sophisticated air plant holder and air plant hangers. I instantly fell in love and couldn't wait for the package to arrive in the mail.

What is an Air Plant?

Part of the Tillandsia genus, air plants are considered epiphytes, which means that they grow on other plants in nature. There are hundreds of kinds of air plants and all of them are easy to care for and make great home decor without worrying about dirt or constant watering.

How to Care for Air Plants

So, they just sit there?

Well, they are an indoor plant, so they'll still need sunlight and humidity to live. Water them about once every week or two by placing them in a bowl of water and let them soak for about 30 minutes.

How To Display Air Plants

There are many different ways to incorporate air plants into your home decor. DIY Air plant terrariums are common as well as placing the plants in tropical seashells or on top of driftwood. You can even make them look like little jellyfish if you place a tillandsia air plant inside a hanging sea urchin.

Make it boho with a macrame hanging planter. Place your favorite air plants in small flower pots and hang.

Is a modern minimalist hanging air plant holder more your style? Then Braid & Wood is for you. Woman-owned and operated, this San Diego based company sells everything from wall hangings to show off large air plants, plant shelves for delicate plants such as orchids, and plant pots.

I picked out the V-Hanger (Classic Shimmer) to add to my dining room as greenery wall decor. Minimal-looking, the air plant frame adds a hint of character to the lonely corner. Out of the way from my cat and its easy care make it a win in my book. The only quim is that the air plant I purchased at my local nursery is a bit small for the hanger. Guess I need to get a new air plant (what a terrible problem...).