After 13 Year Hiatus, Surge Soda Has Made Its Way Back on Shelves


Chalk this one up to pure nostalgia. Surge soda, Coca-Cola's '90s answer to Mountain Dew, has officially returned to store shelves. You know, the citrus-flavored soda...with a kick.

Surge lovers, go ahead and celebrate.

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The move comes a year after Coke first made the soda available again online. In 2014, for a hefty $14, fanboys and girls could purchase a 12-pack of the vintage beverage. The extent of excitement for the sparkling beverage's return went as far as fanatics buying out the entire stock in the first day.


There's even a "Save Surge" campaign and a Surge Movement, both taking part in the renaissance of the drink. The Surge Movement has over 225,000 followers on its Facebook page. In 2013 the group raised enough money to commission a billboard in Atlanta near the Coca-Cola headquarters. The billboard read, "Dear Coke, we couldn't buy Surge, so we bought this billboard instead."

Surge hit markets again on Sept. 7 for the first time in 13 years. It's currently available in nearly half the country: from the southeast, up to New York, across to the Dakotas and down to Louisiana. You can find a Surge retailer near you on the soda's website.

If you're part of the movement, today is your lucky day. Surge soda is back.

Facebook/Surge Movement

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After 13 Year Hiatus, Surge Soda Has Made Its Way Back on Shelves