Aerosmith's Joe Perry Slams Steven Tyler's Move to Country Music

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Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry isn't impressed with his bandmate Steven Tyler's recent jump into country music.

In a new interview with USA Today, Perry voiced his confusion over Tyler's new project. "Steven is in Nashville doing whatever he's doing," he said. "He's got a [bleeping] rhinestone cowboy hat going 'Yippee ki yay.' I don't know what else to say about that."

Tyler recently released his second country single, "Red, White & You", which has garnered less than favorable reviews from most country fans. The track also seemed to leave a bad taste in Perry's mouth, who seemed bewildered that his longtime collaborator had even chose to record the song. "Hey, if I didn't know him when I heard the song I'd go, 'It's okay, next.'" Perry admitted. "I'm not going to say anything else about that."

Perry isn't the only one who has vocalized criticism about Tyler's rather bizarre foray into country music. Many artists, including Clay Walker, have denounced the move as a blatant cash grab. Another of his Aerosmith bandmates also told Billboard that the group felt "a little bit abandoned" by Tyler.

"I guess he seems to think his solo career is going to go great guns and he doesn't seem to realize -- in my opinion -- that his fans around the globe want to see him in the context of Aerosmith and don't really care for whatever he thinks he's going to do," guitarist Brad Whitford said. "I don't know if he gets that, but, hey -- that's what he wants to do. I can't put a gun to his head."

Like it or not, Tyler is still hard at work recording his first full-length country release for Big Machine Label Group. Hopefully, the rock legend will learn from the lukewarm reception of his first two singles and retune his strategy before he releases the project. If that doesn't work out, he may want to consider a return to rock and roll.

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Aerosmith's Joe Perry Slams Steven Tyler's Move to Country Music