The Largest Mansion in Alabama, 'The Guitar House', Is up for Auction [VIDEO]

If Lynyrd Skynyrd penned their ever-so-popular "Sweet Home Alabama" today, this rockin' mansion could serve as literal inspiration.

Look past the lavish 15 bedrooms, with almost double the number of bathrooms. Look past the beautiful Imperial staircase, set under an even more beautiful hand-painted ceiling mural. Look past the pool with two cabanas and take to the sky to find the property is shaped like an actual guitar.

While "The Guitar House" is perfect for any music lover, you'll find it's readily equipped for all types of inhabitants. Equestrians could take advantage of the horse stables and 27 acres on which the estate sits. Movie lovers could invite all their friends to the 25-seat in-home theater. Heck, any one would be crazy not to dig this 50,000 square-foot Birmingham, Ala. crib, which, according to Business Insider, is referred to as the largest in the state.

Well, you'll be surprised to know the owner can't get rid of it.

Apparently, the medical tycoon who built The Guitar House for $30 million has failed for more than 10 years to sell this not-so-humble abode. But, it seems as if the "musical" mansion's owner will be dealing out treats, rather than tricks, come Halloween

The property is scheduled to hit the auction block Oct. 31, and the starting price is $0.

For the owner's sake, here's hoping one lucky bidder has a happy Halloween this year (and a sizable wallet).

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The Largest Mansion in Alabama, 'The Guitar House', Is up for Auction [VIDEO]