Adorable Oklahoma Girl Takes Her Pet Cow for a Stroll

Screengrab via Facebook

Many of us dreamed of having our very own dog to love and play with when we were younger. One little girl  in Oklahoma has captured the hearts of many after a video of her strolling with a pet cow went viral.

In the clip, the youngster is seen rolling across her family’s farm on a kid-sized John Deere tractor. Behind her is a young calf who has been tied to a leash, just like your average dog. As the little girl zooms around the grass, the calf enjoys some exercise as he trots happily behind her.

Just like any other animal, this cow seems to have a mind of its own. After a few minutes of fun, he decides to take a little break from his walk. The weight and power of the animal is a little bit larger than the tractor’s towing capacity, which brings her ride to an abrupt halt.

Although their journey around the backyard was cut a little short, the adorable girl doesn’t seem to mind. Instead, she flashes a huge smile to the camera from behind the driver’s seat. Since it was posted on Facebook last week, the heartwarming video has already earned 3.5 million views and over 14,000 shares from country-loving viewers across the globe.

Click below to watch this cute pair enjoy a little stroll in the outdoors together.

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Adorable Oklahoma Girl Takes Her Pet Cow for a Stroll