Adorable Little Girl Steals the Spotlight From Shania Twain


It’s becoming a common occurrence to see country stars pull up tiny tots on stage to sing one of their favorite songs. Even so, it’s always pretty darn adorable to watch.

During the Washington D.C. stop on her Rock This Country tour, Shania Twain decided to bring up 6-year-old Alexis to test out her singing skills. After a quick chat, Shania asks if she’d like to sing, and Alexis nods her head happily. Twain starts into the chorus of “Honey, I’m Home,” before handing the microphone over to her tiny on-stage companion. Without hesitation, Alexis picks up where the country star left off and brought a huge smile to Twain’s face. Although you could tell Alexis wasn’t completely comfortable on stage, she still did a great job of doing her own rendition of Twain’s 1997 hit song. The huge crowd within the Verizon Center responded with waves of laughter and excited cheers over Alexis’ stellar impromptu performance.

Twain will continue touring across the country on the final live tour of her career through November. You can find a full list of upcoming dates for the Rock This Country tour on Twain’s official website.

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Adorable Little Girl Steals the Spotlight From Shania Twain