Adorable 5-Year-Old Lets Cow Into House Without Mom Knowing

If you've spent any time around little kids, then you know that they are pretty much always trying to bend the rules or get into trouble when they aren't being watched. One animal-loving five-year-old went viral on YouTube for this exact reason. The adorable little girl let a cow into the house and when the mom comes home to find the two snuggling together, it is almost impossible for her to be mad.

The cow, who seemed to be enjoying her few minutes of indoor life, is found comfortably relaxing on a rug beside the family dog. When the little girl gets on the floor and snuggles up beside the cow, the result is too cute to handle.

"You have no idea how special this is," the mother tells the girl while watching her daughter lovingly lay with the cow. The mom even describes how the sight is so beautiful that she may even stop eating beef. Luckily for us, she captured the hilariously adorable scene on film, which you can watch below.

"This is crazy; you know that, right?" said the mom while her daughter was curled up with the cow.   The funniest aspect of this video has to be the fact that the child innocently saw nothing wrong with letting a farm animal into the family home.

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Adorable 5-Year-Old Lets Cow Into House Without Mom Knowing