This Adorable Five-Legged Goat Beat the Odds

This happy and healthy rare five-legged goat is living the good life in England.

A goat with five legs isn’t something you see every day. This adorable young goat has beat the odds by surviving his first few hours of life and thriving even with a major deformity.

Jake the goat, born at Rhiwlas farm in North Wales, England, has defied expectations by living through a difficult birth due to his deformity. Most deformed lambs who survive the birthing process go on to have the extra limbs amputated, but vets have advised against removing the extra leg as it may cause complications. Right now, the extra leg doesn’t seem to be getting in the way of Jake the goat.

“He’s running around in the fields and jumping on his mother. In fact, he seems to be thriving,” Bethan Lloyd-Davies told the Daily Post. “We’ve asked a few people about it but no one has come across a five-legged lamb that has survived.”

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Photo: The Daily Post


Davies and her husband own the farm that Jake was born into. She was there during the goat’s difficult birth.

“One of his legs became tangled,” Davies said. “Over the years we seen lots of odd deformities but they have never survived and we weren’t sure this would either.”

Thankfully, the cute creature did survive and is now happily making himself a home at Rhiwlas farm.

Although Jake seems to have bonded with his mother and the other sheep, Davies says he will not be included in the farm’s commercial flock.

“We’ll probably keep him as a family mascot!”

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This Adorable Five-Legged Goat Beat the Odds