This Adorable Beagle Can’t Handle Car Windows [VIDEO]


Hey, windows are tough. They’re transparent. They go up. They go down. Sometimes without any warning at all.

This cute beagle pup is minding his own business, thinking about the great car ride he is about to go on, when all of a sudden his entire world begins to change.

The window starts to go up.

And it blows his mind. What was once outside is now in. What was open is now closed. And all those wonderful smells are now on the other side of a piece of glass.

The beagle pup isn’t having any of it. It clings on to the window desperately, stretching its legs out until its last toenailhold slips away. But perhaps the best part of all is the look on the puppy’s face, the sheer incredulity, the disbelief. “Why?” he seems to be saying. “Why is this happening?!”

And that is how you shatter a perfectly good innocence. This beagle puppy will never trust windows again.

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This Adorable Beagle Can’t Handle Car Windows [VIDEO]