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This Adorable Baby is Overcome with Joy After First Taste of Bacon

One little boy's gleeful reaction to his first taste of bacon has quickly taken the internet by storm.

This viral video of a young boy's bewilderment after trying everyone's favorite crispy treat has gained over a million hits in just a few days. The moment was recorded on Christmas morning, when the cheery toddler finally got to experience the joy of bacon for himself.

"My son, Easton, tried bacon for the first time Christmas morning and his reaction was priceless!" Tyler Beach shared on the video's caption.

Little Easton is obviously overwhelmed by the delicious taste as he closes his eyes and shows off a huge smile. He desperately tries to happily shout "bacon!", but can't quite get his syllables together. His squeals of joy make it clear that he's definitely found his new favorite food.

Easton's excitement gets a little out of hand as he excitedly tries to stuff as much bacon into his tiny mouth as possible. He lets out a giggle as he chews the final bits of his beloved bacon before letting out one final yelp of joy.

Although it's unclear if Santa made a visit to his household this year, it seems like young Easton got everything he wanted and more this Christmas.

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This Adorable Baby is Overcome with Joy After First Taste of Bacon