Watch Adam Hood and Brent Cobb Commiserate in New Video for 'She Don't Love Me'

Alabama-born singer-songwriters Adam Hood and Brent Cobb lean on the old adage "misery loves company" in the new video for "She Don't Love Me," a soulful country rocker Hood and Cobb co-wrote with Josh Abbott.

The video opens with Hood riding in a pickup truck with a woman who eventually parks on the side of the road and leads the singer to an uncertain fate. Thankfully, Hood prevails, literally crawling from the depths of the earth to arrive at a dive bar where he and Cobb meet to commiserate over their heartbreaks.

"She Don't Love Me" is the first single from Hood's upcoming album Somewhere in Between (out on Oct. 12 on Hood's own label, Southern Songs).

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Hood, a native of Opelika, Ala., is a writer for Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb's Low Country Sound. He's written songs for Lee Ann Womack, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town and more.

Hood co-wrote 10 of the 11 songs on Somewhere in Between, teaming up with fellow singer-songwriters Jason Eady, William Clark Green, Ben Danaher and more. Hood recently released "Downturn," the latest single from the album.

Brent Cobb released his sophomore album Providence Canyon earlier this year.

'Somewhere in Between' Track List:

1. "Heart of a Queen" (Adam Hood, Ben Danaher)
2. "She Don't Love Me" (ft. Brent Cobb) (Adam Hood, Brent Cobb, Josh Abbott)
3. "Alabama Moon" (Adam Hood, Pat McLaughlin)
4. "Downturn" (Adam Hood, Jason Eady)
5. "The Weekend" (Adam Hood, Pat McLaughlin)
6. "Bayou Girl" (Willis Alan Ramsey)
7. "Easy Way" (Adam Hood, Pat McLaughlin)
8. "Locomotive" (Adam Hood, Jason Saenz)
9. "Keeping Me Here" (Adam Hood, Jason Saenz, Oran Thornton, Jared Hicks)
10. "Real Small Town" (Adam Hood, William Clark Green)
11. "Confederate Rose" (Adam Hood, Pat McLaughlin)

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Watch Adam Hood and Brent Cobb Commiserate in New Video for 'She Don't Love Me'