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Thomas Rhett's 2-Year-Old Daughter Takes the 'Snack Challenge'


Whether you're a diehard fan or you can't name two of his songs, you've got to give Thomas Rhett credit. Few in any form of entertainment, much less country music, bring cuter young 'uns to red carpet events than Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins. The Nashville-based couple has three daughters: 4-year-old Willa Gray, 2-year-old Ada James and a baby girl born in February, Lennon Love.

Middle daughter Ada James Akins is usually a package deal with her big sister and baby sister, but recently she's gotten some face time on her own as a participant in the trending Toddler Challenge.

The video, posted to her mom's Instagram account (@laur-akins), shows that Ada make it over two minutes without sneaking a jelly bean out of a bowl while her mom powdered her nose (which is Southern for she went to the bathroom).

Despite having to briefly push away the bowl (and touching a jellybean or two), Ada made it to the finish line.


At one point, Ada says, "So bery patient," as opposed to very patient, while reminding herself to obey her mom's orders.

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The snack challenge is one of the cutest trends brought about by families staying home together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

A post by Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line's wife Hayley shows their daughter Liv facing a similar challenge, with chocolate chips in place of jelly beans.


Other celebrity mothers behind the fast spread of what's sometimes called the Fruit Snack Challenge include Kylie Jenner and Gabrielle Union.

It makes you wonder how many of us born in a different century than today's kids wouldn't sneak a bite, even with prior knowledge of social media trends, when left alone with snacks.

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