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Amarillo Burger King Employee Helps Diabetic Woman in Dire Need

When was the last time you did something kind for someone in need lately? Life-saving situations don't often cross our path, and all that matters is that when we're willing and able to help, we jump in as quickly as possible. That is exactly what happened when Rebecca Boening pulled up to a Burger King outside Amarillo on I-40 with low blood sugar. A diabetic, Boening knew she needed immediate help, and did what she could until one Burger King employee stepped in.

Rebecca Boening shared her story on Facebook, asking for it to go viral to celebrate the pure kindness of Tina Hardy during her shift at Burger King.

Here's the full text of Boening's story.

Wednesday afternoon I was driving west on I-40 when my blood sugar dropped to a dangerous level. Luckily a Burger King restaurant was at the upcoming exit. As I stumbled through placing my order I mentioned to the voice on the speaker that I was diabetic and in need of food. Low blood sugar makes it difficult to think or act.

I pulled up to the first window in order to pay for my food. I was shocked to see Burger King employee Tina Hardy running toward the front of my car. She squeezed between the front of my car and the building just to bring me a small serving of ice cream. Tina later explained that her husband was also diabetic and she could tell that I needed help. After paying I pulled up to Tina's window where she gave me my food. She instructed me to park across the driveway so that she could keep an eye on me until I felt better.

After eating I waited for a break in business so that I could return to Tina's window. I then took this picture and spoke with Tina's supervisor, telling him what she did for me. If you appreciate what this special woman did please share this story. Hopefully Tina Hardy will receive the recognition that she truly deserves from the public and from the big bosses at Burger King.

Rebecca's story has indeed gone viral to celebrate the kindness and compassion of Tina, a woman who could have just as easily processed this order like any other that came through the drive-thru that day.

While we don't hear too many good news stories lately, that doesn't mean people aren't lifting each other up daily. The next time something unexpectedly wonderful happens, or someone helps you out, be sure to send a few seconds of gratitude into the world. You never know who might need to read something uplifting.

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