Song Premiere: Abigail Lapell's Ethereal 'Devil in the Deep'

Gaelle Legrand

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Abigail Lapell sings of new beginnings and putting down roots on her forthcoming album Getaway (out on Feb. 1). The multi-instrumentalist has spent the last few years traveling around North America and her latest effort sounds like a rambler who's found her way home.

Lapell's warm, crystalline voice shines on the ethereal "Devil in the Deep," which Wide Open Country is premiering today.

Lapell says the song explores both the riveting and whimsical forces behind the creative process.

"'Devil in the Deep' is kind of a rock anthem that's equal parts religious symbolism and nursery rhyme," Lapell tells Wide Open Country. "I'm fascinated by these very stylized, mythical kinds of language -- the devil in music is such a timeless cliche, and water slash redemption imagery crops up a lot in my songs on Getaway. To me, the devil figure in this song is something dark and enthralling but also a bit playful, like a trickster -- maybe a good metaphor for the process of creating art."

Listen to "Devil in the Deep" below.

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Song Premiere: Abigail Lapell's Ethereal 'Devil in the Deep'