ABC’s ‘Nashville’ Gets the Axe


Fans of ABC’s hit show, Nashville, are in mourning today after learning that the television show has been canceled. After just four seasons, the series, which follows the drama of the country music industry, will come to an end on May 25. The final episode is titled, “You’ll Appreciate Me Someday.”

Ratings have been rocky for a while for Nashville. The show has been kept afloat in a unique way. The state of Tennessee and local funding from the city of Nashville have given money to the show, which has bolstered tourism in the area. The show also made money from the sales of original music and concert series.

The announcement comes as a shock for many fans, as signs pointed to the making of a fifth season. Interestingly, the last three episodes will be a part of the extended Virtual Reality (part of the On the Record digital series) and are set at the notorious Bluebird Cafe.

Lionsgate TV said that they will try to shop Nashville around to other networks in the hopes of keeping it alive. This is a real possibility! The CW just picked up Supergirl (whose first season aired on CBS) for a second season, so it does happen in TV land.

Nashville is not the only show that recently got the axe. Containment, Castle, Galavant, Agent Carter, CSI: Cyber, The Family, The Grinder, Bordertown, The Muppets and Grandfathered are also among the long list of canceled television shows.

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ABC’s ‘Nashville’ Gets the Axe