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Drone Captures Creepy Images of Abandoned West Texas Waterpark

Ever wondered what happens to a waterpark after it shuts its doors? Brandon Howard decided to explore the now-shuttered Water Wonderland in Odessa, Texas by flying his drone over the property, and the result is pretty creepy.

The park first opened in 1980 and became a top destination for families in West Texas. Unfortunately, that all came to an end in 2003 when their doors shut for good.

Since that time, nature and vandals have had their way with the park. Now, the deserted wasteland has a ton of graffiti, trash and offers very few glimpses of the fantastic park it used to be. But, with about 16 acres to peruse, it does make for some pretty amazing images. Check out Howard's video of the abandoned park below.

After watching this video, it's difficult to imagine what the park was like filled with families. Today, the park is home only to squatters and rattlesnakes. Although its heyday is likely over, the park is still on the market and a real estate agent is actively trying to sell it. He's hoping someone will see the potential in the property and turn it into an event center.

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A lot of people who live in the Odessa area hope that someone will eventually purchase the park and restore it to its former grandeur. Until then, this footage gives us a unique look into what used to be.

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