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Abandoned Texas Home Has a Sinister Message Scribbled on Kitchen Walls

H5 Realty and Auction

Well this is terrifying. An abandoned home in Longview, Texas casts an ominous warning to any potential trespasser. The walls inside this decrepit, crumbling structure feature warnings like "666" and "GET OUT."

Peeling wallpaper, "holy" ceilings and dilapidated staircases all make this home a truly eerie site. And yet, guess what? Somebody just bought it at an auction. Without ever even stepping foot on the property!

H5 Auction and Realty

At first glance, you'd probably think the highest bidder was some paranormal investigator or thrill seeker. Or perhaps a haunted attraction enthusiast? But the new owner actually has hopes of a serious remodel.

That's because, despite the satanic warnings, the home has some really promising features. The three bedroom, three bathroom property spans an impressive 3,820 square feet over two stories, on a lot topping 46,000 square feet. It also looks like it's got plenty of yard space and a pool.

And the auction agent says those messages mostly just scared away squatters and nosy kids. "The owner put the message on there to scare people from breaking in," says Amy Tabor of H5 Auction and Realty. "We left it on there cause it's a great marketing. But when we first went inside it really creeped me out, so it likely worked on break-ins."

H5 Auction and Realty

Some people apparently thought leaving the messages on the walls for the pictures was bad form. They were wrong. The listing on Facebook garnered 88% more comments and shares than a typical real estate listing on their page. Because you know what they say, Satan sells! Wait, that doesn't sound right.

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Given the incredible skill of fixer-upper enthusiasts, there's no doubt the Longview home will soon look like a Texas jewel. But if there are any previous, *ahem*, "tenants," the new owners may want to consider a quick walkthrough from a priest. You know, just for posterity's sake.

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Abandoned Texas Home Has a Sinister Message Scribbled on Kitchen Walls