Aaron Watson Hits the Road in ‘Getaway Truck’ Lyric Video

Texas country singer Aaron Watson’s new lyric video for “Getaway Truck” plays up the track’s fun lyrics and high-energy feel.

The new single features a breezy and upbeat sound seems planted firmly in the 1990’s mainstream, which is far from a bad thing. Even though the simplistic style of the song and video may make you a bit nostalgic, the song and its accompanying video feel fresh, relevant and fun.

“I wanna set your heart free, ride with me,” he pleads in the chorus, which flashes quickly in front of the viewer like passing scenery from a car window. “I wanna be your getaway, heart free, ride with me, I wanna be your getaway truck.” As he sings, images of road signs and speeding cars are featured as the backdrop behind Watson’s catchy lyrics. The video’s simple premise allows the vivid and descriptive songwriting to shine through, in classic Watson form.

Although it will likely fight to earn spins on mainstream country stations, the single is one of Watson’s most radio-friendly cuts. This is a tragedy, as “Getaway Truck” is the perfect introduction for traditional Texas country fans who have missed out on Watson’s previous releases.

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Aaron Watson Hits the Road in ‘Getaway Truck’ Lyric Video