Aaron Tippin, John Anderson Take Part in Tennessee Police Department's Lip Sync Challenge

When it came time for the Smithville Police Department to create its own viral lip sync challenge video, the Tennessee-based officers called on two of the famous locals they protect and serve in country stars Aaron Tippin and John Anderson.

The eight-plus minute adventure begins with Tippin pulling up to the downtown police station in his trusty pickup truck. Tippin seems like the salt-of-the-earth type who'd drive an older truck at least some of the time, and it's no shocker that he supports the Smithfield P.D. as fervently as he loves the military. So far, everything checks out.

The country star has a day off, and he's looking to ride along with an on-duty officer. This, too, seems legit. His law enforcement buddy's trouble communicating with his peers makes for an easy but effective set-up for Tippin and the largest band since the days of Bob Wills to lip-sync his hit "There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With the Radio." That's when believable gives way to middle-aged dudes acting the fool--in the best possible way.

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Soon after that, DeKalb County's finest respond to a call. When Tippin and his officer arrive, Anderson's living out a country music classic and causing a scene by "Swingin'" in public. The setup's a little clunky, but it's hard to complain about the funny pantomiming to a lot of Anderson fans' favorite songs.

In all, it's cool to see public servants blowing off a little steam with country legends. Likewise, how awesome is it to know that Tippin and Anderson don't just live in a small town in East Tennessee to lay low from Nashville stardom and a faster-paced urban lifestyle? They make time to thank local police for their hard work. Best of all, neither artist is too proud to join Smithville police in fun send-ups of their music.

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Aaron Tippin, John Anderson Take Part in Tennessee Police Department's Lip Sync Challenge