A Valley Son
Steve Bowen

Song Premiere: A Valley Son Unveils Melodic Story Song 'East Flatbush Sunset'

Members of A Valley Son didn't just pick one record from their collections to mimic when writing new single "East Flatbush Sunset."

Its Southern Gothic lyrics lie somewhere in between classic country storytelling and Bruce Springsteen's workman-like rock anthems. Musically, there's trace elements of folk-rock, gospel, soul and doo-wop.

Such a broad-reaching sound is par for the course for this New York-based four-piece, known for creating something new out of their shared influences. Songwriter, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Trey Powell came by his roots influences honestly, relocating to Brooklyn from rural Virginia. Bandmates Steve Bowen (lead guitar) and Nate Osborne (drums) also hail from the South, while bassist Seth Nicholson came of age as a New York-raised gospel drummer.

Powell wrote the song based on what was happening around him, blending the uncomfortable truth with his bandmates' musical strong suits.

"I wrote 'East Flatbush Sunset' about a couple friends of mine who split a while back," Powell says. "It was tumultuous when they were together but they both separately talked to me about the things they missed about it when it was over and the song is kind of their story."

The song is the first of six new A/B-side singles the band plans to release by the end of the year. Each builds off the momentum of 2017's Sunset Park EP and But The World Moves album.

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