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A Texas BBQ Joint is Getting Death Threats After Offering Free Food to Odor

Facebook/HeimBarbecue, Wikimedia Commons

A Fort Worth, Texas BBQ joint is getting death threats after offering a special promotion to a controversial figure. Heim Barbecue is taking major heat after offering Texas Rangers’ player Rougned Odor free food for life.

So, what’s the controversy? At a May 15 baseball game, Odor decked Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista right in the face. Not only was Odor suspended for eight games, but he also said he wasn’t sorry.

Heim BBQ co-owner, Travis Heim, said that ever since The Fort Worth Star-Telegram shared the story on their offer to Odor, their store has become the target of some malicious threats. They’ve received angry phone calls, phony one-star reviews online and even a handful of death threats on social media.

As Heim tells the Houston Chronicle, “One guy even said we gave him and his wife food poisoning and urged others not to eat at our place.”

The issue for most angry people seems to be that Heim’s establishment is not only encouraging, but rewarding violence. Not surprisingly, most of these threats and angry messages are coming from Canada.

“I saved probably seven or eight voice mails that are all really, really bad,” Heim shares with The Chronicle. “The worst being a guy saying he was going to come to Texas and murder me and my whole family. So after that, we really freaked out and I had to change my cell number.”

The restaurant even created a special t-shirt that reads, ‘Rougned Eats Free,’ which has only added more fuel to the fire.

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A Texas BBQ Joint is Getting Death Threats After Offering Free Food to Odor