A Photographer Had Been Trying to Get This Shot for 7 Years. He Finally Did.

There are plenty of prime photos on the Internet showing incredible moments in nature. From wildfires to tornadoes, talented photographers have been able to capture images showcasing moments many of us never get to see with our own two eyes.

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For amateur photographer Greg McCown, there was one illusive scene he desperately wanted to snap. For seven years, McCown had tried to take his own photo depicting lightning and a rainbow all in one frame. Needless to say, this is a weather phenomenon not easy to come by. But McCown was determined.

He recently met up with two "storm chasers" and photographers and drove with them into an intense storm. After they decided to pull over, McCown went off on his own to try and snap some photos of the weather event. He was able to set up his camera just in time to get the shot he had been after for so long.

Finally! After years of trying I finally got my lightning and rainbow picture. What an awesome evening. I headed out...

Posted by Greg McCown on Saturday, August 8, 2015


The result is an incredible image showing a huge lightning bolt streaming down the sky, right alongside a bright and beautiful rainbow. It was a rare and fleeting moment in nature that McCown will be able to remember for a lifetime.

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A Photographer Had Been Trying to Get This Shot for 7 Years. He Finally Did.