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Watch Ray Wylie Hubbard Perform His Ironic Rally Cry, ‘Screw You Were From Texas’

Even if you may not be one yourself, most people know that Texans hold a huge sense of pride for their home state.

As an artist, Ray Wylie Hubbard has never been one to hold back. There's no better example of this than his 2003 track, "Screw You, We're From Texas".

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The song is exactly what it sounds like. It's an anthem for everything Texan, from Gruene Hall and Stubb's, to everything far and wide. Its unapologetic style brings out both enormous pride from natives and unsure feelings from "outsider" country fans.

Naturally, the song initially struggled to find a huge following outside Texas. That all changed when Hubbard received an invitation to perform on the Late Show With David Letterman. For the TV broadcast, Hubbard played his more family-friendly track "Mother Blues". Letterman personally asked Hubbard to perform "Screw You, We're From Texas" for a bonus performance that was later posted online. That video, along with many others captured by fans during live shows, helped to make the song a cult classic.

Hubbard, who was born in Oklahoma, once said the song was directed at the corporate music industry. "It's about how we write our own songs down here, that's just what we do," Hubbard said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle. "I don't think it would work somewhere else. I don't think you could say 'Screw you, we're from Delaware.' "

At its core, the song is truly meant for Texans' ears only. Hubbard doesn't perform the song much these days, even though it tends to be one of his fans' most-requested tracks.

Check out a live performance of "Screw You, We're From Texas" below.

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