'A Christmas Story' production still

'A Christmas Story': Where Is the Cast Today?

A Christmas classic.

1983's A Christmas Story is an all-time great holiday movie. Directed by Bob Clark, who had previously helmed mostly low-budget comedies throughout the '70s, the film captures the magic of Christmas during childhood while fitting in as much boundary-pushing humor as a PG flick can handle: The Old Man's furnace rant? As close as you can get to profanity without actually being profane. Whatever hijinx the script called for, the stellar Christmas Story cast knocked every line reading outta the park.

The story of nine-year-old Ralphie Parker's favorite Christmas—in which he received the Red Ryder BB gun he had long coveted—is awash with memorable moments. Take the iconic leg lamp or the famous triple dog dare that ends with poor Flick's tongue stuck to the school flagpole. And let's not forget the visit with Santa Claus at Higbee's department store.

In 2022, much of the main Christmas Story cast reprised their roles for the sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas. The festive reimagining saw Peter Billingsley's all-grown-up Ralphie take over Christmas duties for the Parker household, with his childhood friends (and one memorable foe) along for the ride. But a lot has changed in the 40 years since A Christmas Story was released. Some original cast members went on to wonderful (and slightly wacky) careers in acting, producing and even puppetry. And, sadly, not every member of the Parker family was around to participate in the long-awaited sequel.

What happened to the stars of A Christmas Story, those delightfully bonkers characters who light up our screens every holiday season? Here's what your favorite cast members are up to today.

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