The Inner Kid in You Will Love This Texas BBQ Restaurant with a Ferris Wheel

Restaurants gain notoriety in a variety of ways. For many, the goal is to serve the best food in the neighborhood. Others have bigger dreams, aspiring to have the best food in the world. Not all restaurants want to have world-class food, though. Many of them pride themselves on providing reliably good food at an affordable price. You also have the restaurants that gain customers with a gimmick, for lack of a better term. What we're about to describe to you is no gimmick. Ferris Wheeler's in Dallas is more than that; it's a barbecue restaurant with a ferris wheel.

Those living in or near the Dallas Design District are in for a treat. This & That Concepts, the restaurant group behind High Fives, Tiny Victories, Whipper Snapper, and Parlay, is slated to open a BBQ joint featuring a functional ferris wheel.

The aptly named Ferris Wheelers Backyard & BBQ will be led by pit master Doug Pickering. His history includes working with the NL Group and running is own spot in Deep Ellum, Work Bar & Grill. You'll find this new venture at 1950 Market Center Boulevard.

Before starting a career in BBQ, Pickering was working on Wall Street. The career shift is a textbook sign of a man who knows what he is passionate about. The menu will include house-made sausage, Carolina-style pork shoulder, brisket, honey-brined, smoked turkey breast, and much more. Like we said, this is no gimmick.

Expect to see sides in addition to the main courses (and the ferris wheel), too. Oh, will there ever be sides. Smoked BBQ beans, southwestern potato salad, smoked green beans, and some jalapeño bacon slaw will make an appearance.

Ferris Wheelers is set to open at the end of September. In addition to the ride, there will be all types of lawn games and live music. The patio is 7,000 square feet, so it only makes sense. You may go, initially, for the ferris wheel but, all things considered, we'd bet you'll go back for the food.

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