A Baby and Cat Are Introduced. The Baby Goes Completely Nuts. [WATCH]

Screengrab via YouTube

Newborn babies are incredibly adorable on their own, but the cuteness factor hits a whole new level when you add a fluffy cat to the mix.

Imagine being so young that you've never encountered a cat before in your life. What would your reaction be? When this kid's parents made the decision to introduce them, it's easy to assume they might have felt some hesitation. Their first meeting could either go incredibly well or incredibly bad. So what happened when these two sweet souls finally met each other?

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In the video below, you can see the baby's mother bring over their fluffy friend toward the crib. Within just a few moments, the baby locks eyes with the cat and a giant smile appears on her face. She erupts in a fit of giggles and swings her arms around happily, obviously overcome with joy by this exciting moment.

Even when the cat is taken away and brought back into her sightline, the tot is overjoyed by just being around the friendly feline. From the clip, it looks like this duo will likely have a long and happy relationship together.

Click below to watch this adorable encounter for yourself.

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A Baby and Cat Are Introduced. The Baby Goes Completely Nuts. [WATCH]