Houston Rallies Together to Help 97-Year-Old Veteran with Home Repairs

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97-year-old veteran Mack Bailey has a lot to be thankful for this Veterans Day. A special group called Rebuilding Houston Together has made some much-needed home repairs that he otherwise couldn't afford.

"We work with a lot of organizations that tie us to the veteran community and this particular veteran is a special guy," Julie Mintzer, member of Rebuilding Houston Together, told ABC13. "He has been awarded four Bronze Stars, he served the country in World War II, he is the foundation of this neighborhood."

Naturally, Bailey and his family call the life-changing repairs a blessing. Bailey's granddaughter, who submitted her grandfather for consideration, said that she was happy that it "put a smile on his face".

This isn't the only person or veteran the group plans to help with home repairs this year. In fact, the group has a lofty goal of fixing up 500 homes by Super Bowl Sunday. They are asking anyone who can participate in the repairs or who can make donations contact them at

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Most donations for these repairs are from Home Depot and from private donations. Bailey's home wound up getting a new roof, some electrical work and even a bathroom remodel.

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Houston Rallies Together to Help 97-Year-Old Veteran with Home Repairs