$90,000 Worth of Bees Go Missing in Texas

You would think it'd be hard to lose $90,000 worth of bees all on your own. But that's what one Texas beekeeper seems to believe, after accusing his competitor for his $90,000 loss.

Manvel, Texas farmer Randy Verhoek is almost certain his missing bees are a direct result of theft from a competing beekeeper. Verhoek was traveling between Bismarck and Fargo, North Dakota when he received a costly call from one of his employees.

"In total, we're talking about 300 hives is what we're losing here," Verhoek told KHOU11.

Manvel police are looking into the theft and currently networking with local beekeepers in Brazoria County to solve the crime.

All in all, Verhoek's stolen bee inventory is a devastating blow to the farmer and his family. Disgusted and downtrodden, Verhoek called the bee thieves "dirty low-rotten scoundrels."

In all honesty, I have to agree. Granted, I'm no beekeeper myself, but to lose $90,000 worth of anything is less than stellar news. Here's hoping Manvel police can get to the bottom of the theft and help bring the bees back to their rightful owners.

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