10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home ‘Country Chic’

If, like Tim McGraw, you’re stuck in the city but want to live where the green grass grows, here are a few decorating tricks you can use to get a little more country in your life.

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1. Reclaimed barn wood

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Ava Blake Creations

If you’ve discovered a neat little addiction known as Pinterest, you may have noticed a growing trend of using reclaimed or repurposed wood in home decor. Barn wood is especially sought after for its rustic and bucolic charm. You don’t actually have to scavenge a dilapidated building though; you can buy this type of adornment online.

2. Pallet furniture

DIY and Craft Ideas

You may not want to admit it, but we all have been on that late-night Walmart run and had to dodge those massive cubes of merchandise being unloaded onto the shelves. What you may not know is that the wooden base of those loads, known as “pallets” are simply discarded after the products are stocked. Some crafty people have taken to collecting these discarded pallets and creating unique, Western furniture and designs. You can usually find these wonderful wooden objects on Craigslist.

3. Mason jars

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DIY Crafts and Ideas

Those jars your grandma used to pack with garden vegetables and fruit preserves have made a major comeback both in practical use and as creative ornaments. From glasses, to lunch boxes, to candle holders and more, Mason jars are a great way to include some old-fashioned country charm in your house and can be purchased by the dozen at grocery and craft stores.

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4. Get lyrical


With the rising popularity of typographical home decor, another option to bring country home is to decorate with song lyrics! This sign, for example, shares a classic lyric from Johnny Cash’s iconic song “I Walk the Line”.

5. Doors and windows

eclectic village
Eclectically Vintage

You might think your home has enough doors and windows, but if you want a country feel, you can always have more. There are several examples of how to do this on Pinterest and some home decorating stores such as Hobby Lobby even sell decorative doors just for this purpose.

6. Burlap, burlap, burlap!

The Monday Blog
The Monday Blog

Burlap is both agrarian and folksy. Here’s an example of a DIY project along with a couple other burlap ideas.

7. Twine it up

DIY Cozy Home

Twine is in the same vein as burlap and the two look super cute when paired together! Decorating with twine takes a bit more patience however, as you have to wrap it quite a bit.

8. Wreaths


Another popular country home embellishment is wreaths! Whether it’s a homemade mesh wreath or a simple twig wreath, it’s clear that this is one element of country style you don’t want to skip.

9. Wagon wheel

wagon wheel
Organized Clutter

If you wish to feel like you were just thumbin’ your way into North Carolina, try hanging a wagon wheel. This kind of decoration harkens back to the pioneer days and will lend your home a little bit of country, even if you’re a city slicker.

10. Farm accents

Town and Country Living
Town and Country Living

If you’re really committed to the country look, check out a few of these farm tools that have been made into attractive and useful furniture and home accents. From milk cans to tractor seats, you can make your home just as “country” as you please — no matter where you make your home.

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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home ‘Country Chic’