9 Best Country Star Cameos on Sesame Street


Remember all the times Country's greats made appearances Sesame Street? If not, we've got them all here for you.  

Sesame Street has a long tradition of inviting celebrities on the show to sing songs with its characters. Over the years, some of the guests, have been country's best and brightest, including Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill - even Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash have stopped by Sesame Street. You think Florida Georgia Line will ever make a cameo?

Here they are:

1. Sugarland teaches Elmo the craft of songwriting. 

2. Trisha Yearwood and Harry pine about distant friends. 

3. Garth Brooks teaches the Sesame Street gang how to sing.

4. Brooks sings about diversity.

5. Johnny Cash visits Oscar the Grouch to sing about Nasty Dan. 

6. Cash also performs "Two Feet High and Rising".

7.  The Man in Black returns to sing about tall tales. 

8. Waylon Jennings and Big Bird pick a tune about blocks. 

9. They also hit the road together in the film "Follow that Bird".  

 Forget Waylon and Willie, Pancho and Lefty, Haggard and Jones; Big Bird and Cash are the real country outlaws.


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9 Best Country Star Cameos on Sesame Street