9 Adorable Save the Date Ideas for Your Country Wedding

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Wedding season is right around the corner, so it's time to announce your engagement and get your nuptials on some calendars!  Since they're less formal, many couples use their save-the-date as a fun way to show off their personalities. Here are a few of our favorite country-inspired wedding announcements.

9. The Hunt Is Over

Robyn Louise

If you like hunting together, throw on your camo and use this adorable pun.

8. Mason Jars

Lovely Print & Design

Incorporate a mason jar into the design, print your save-the-date onto a jar lid, or send homemade jam with a custom label if you're feeling really crafty. The moral of the story is: mason jars are always cute.

7. Custom Fishing Lure


Send these sweet custom engraved fishing lures that your guests will want to keep long after your wedding.

6. Wood-Burned Magnets


These rustic save-the-dates are so eye-catching that your friends and family will never forget your special day.

5. Show Off Your Boots

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Use chalk to write the date on the bottom of your boots. Bonus points if you're sitting in the bed of a truck for this one.

4. Put Your Lasso Skills to Use

Great American Country

Grab a rope and announce that you're "tying the knot."

3. Highlight Your Love for Farming With Plantable Cards


Your guests can plant the lock and key and watch as your love takes root.

2. Write Your Date in Sparklers

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If you already know your bridal party, you could include them in the picture by giving them each a sparkler.

1.  Make a Country Love Song Mix

Brooklyn Bride

Make a mix of your favorite country love songs and put all the details for your big day on the CD cover.

Whatever you choose to send, make it your own, and enjoy getting ready for your big day!

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9 Adorable Save the Date Ideas for Your Country Wedding